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Different Types of Lamp Parts Sockets

Lamp parts sockets play a very important and crucial role in the process of keeping your lamps functioning properly and efficiently. Being equipped with the basic knowledge about these lamp parts sockets will help you understand the proper usage of your room’s beloved lamp. Keeping these proper usage guidelines in mind will also help you maximize the benefits and value of your investment. One of the basic concepts involving lamp parts sockets you need to be familiar with is the different types of light bulb sockets available on the market. In addition, understanding the different categories these lamp parts sockets have been classified into will make it easier for you to identify what you really need, when it comes to replacing them.

One of the major classifications of light bulb sockets is according to their voltage. When you go to the nearest hardware store, you will certainly find a wide variety of lamp parts sockets with a wide range of voltages. The varying voltages of these lamp parts sockets are intended to cater to the varying power requirements of your lamp’s light bulb. Most desk lamp bulbs need lamp parts sockets ranging between 14 and 84 volts.

You can also find different lamp parts sockets grouped according to the specific types of lamb bulbs they will be holding. You need to bear in mind that there are numerous types of light bulbs that have been developed through different innovations. You need to know about incandescent light bulbs. Though they may be the most popular types of light bulbs, you can also find lamp sockets suited for xenon, fluorescent, light-emitting diodes (LED), sodium, mercury and metal halide light bulbs. Thus, it is practical to ensure that you are getting lamp parts sockets that are suited for the light bulb in your room’s lamp. The different bulb types require a specific type of lamp parts sockets designed with the capability of grasping and transmitting electricity to and from the specific type of light bulb used in your lamp. For instance, a LED light bulb will not be suitable for lamp bulb sockets designed for halogen light bulbs. Forcing to screw a mismatched light bulb may damage to your lamp and spark potential accidents.

Lamp parts sockets may also vary according to their composition or to the materials used in manufacturing them. Most lamp parts sockets are made of porcelain. Aside from their appearance, lamp parts sockets made of porcelain are also highly preferred because of their capability to insulate electricity. Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are usually used with lamp parts sockets made of porcelain. Plastic and brass lamp parts sockets are also common. Aluminum and nickel are also two of the most common conductive metals incorporated in the interiors of most lamp bulb sockets.

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